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Stop running marathons with our TIMESHEET

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

For most businesses, managing payroll can be a fantastic way to lose weight in no time. The amount of stress is usually equal to running a 40 mile marathon in 2 hours. The race starts with the last minutes before the pay period ends. Phone calls, emails, and text messages start flying in all directions. PLEASE ENTER YOUR TIME NOW!! YOU’VE USED THE WRONG CODE TO ENTER YOUR HOURS!! PLEASE SIGN YOUR TIMESHEET. WHY are there so many overtime hours? WHO approved this? Is this task BILLABLE? You CAN'T work 400 hrs a week! Please remove the ZERO!! YOUR DOG ATE your TIMESHEET?! Did you send your TIMESHEET using a PIGEON?! There has to be a better SOLUTION!!

iTimePlus - Free Online Timesheet

Well, we agree. Orapex has come up with the product that will help keep you sane and even let you enjoy the process. It's called iTimePlus, a tool that will make your workload management feel like a breeze. iTimePlus consists of 3 products in 1: The free Team Calendar, Shift scheduling tool, and Timesheet, all backed up by a 24/7 devoted customer support- free of any charge.

Why is the Timesheet by Orapex the solution you need?

We get dozens of messages from clients telling us they had to go through many tools and programs which all promised the same but failed to deliver. To help you recognize iTimePlus as the right tool for your business, we have comprised a case study of the situations most of our clients find themselves in:

CASE Study

Our Customer had several consultants working in different locations at client’s side while office staff working in the office. Due to this structure, each payroll and invoicing period was a nightmare to manage. First, the consultants and office staff needed constant reminders to fill and send their timesheets. This was done over the phone or an email. In addition, they had to submit their hours in a specific timesheet template. Once this was done, hours were spent trying to sort out which hours need to be invoiced to which client and how much was needed to pay the consultant based on billable hours. In addition, they had to figure out how much to pay their full-time employees based on vacations, holidays, sick days, and so on.

Many of the customer's clients requested that they have access to the consultant’s Timesheet to be able to run reports for their own auditing purposes, which is something they could not deliver. In addition, our customer needed a tool that will help determine the financial cost and benefit of a particular project.

Timesheet to the rescue:

iTimePlus - Free Employee Timesheet

Our Free online Timesheet solved every issue raised in the case study with ease with its many functions, including:

  • Collect and track hours in all levels (team, project, tasks, clients)

  • Generate reports with populate format (pdf, excel, delimited) with all the needed info in just one click

  • Automatically send reminders to all his employees to enter time

  • Keep a record of time for internal and external auditing

  • Stay central and secure location to store hours

  • Easily set up and efficiently use the tool

  • Access the tool from anywhere with only internet and web-browser needed

  • Reduce the payroll and invoicing time

  • Send leave requests with approval process.

Our Timesheet allows you to have a full overview of your consultants and employees’ logged time with the ability to generate multiple reports and export them in the most popular format (Excel, PDF, HTML), and allows your business to confirm with internal and external audits policies.

iTimePlus - Free Employee Timesheet

View detail hours based on on Projects / Tasks

iTimePlus - Free Employee Timesheet

View detail hours for each task and for each day

iTimePlus - Free Employee Timesheet

Download your report in multiple popular format OR send it as an email attachments.

iTimePlus - Free Employee Timesheet

No more chasing your consultants and employees to track and log their hours only to leave you with many separate Timesheets to sort through. Our Timesheet will help you stop wasting precious time that could’ve been spent on running and improving your business.

Our Calendar works seamlessly with the Timesheet. Employees or consultants can use it to send leave requests and check on the status of their daily schedule. Managers can use it to approve/reject and track team availability.

iTimePlus - Free Employee Timesheet

Tracking productivity

What about project costs/profits? With our Timesheet, you can track productivity by employees, Teams, Projects, and Tasks and identify where the bottlenecks are, which allows you to better manage your workload and distribute your resources efficiently.

What about privacy?

Our Timesheet is customized to give you maximum control of who can see what. You can limit what you the employees, the audit team, or your clients can access or see.

Clear communication

iTimePlus - Free Employee Timesheet

The Timesheet includes a section where you can communicate with your teams and send them messages and reminders to login their time or for anything else. You no longer have to juggle between numerous emails and communication apps only to lose track. The messages can be received as pop-up notifications once they login or through email.

Who Will Benefit?

Manages and company owners who want to eliminate confusion regarding Timekeeping, payroll, client invoicing, and project cost/productivity. Employees or consultants who want to know how many billable hours worked, how much time off (sick, vacation, no pay) they used. No matter how big or small your organization is, being well-organized, and having Time record-keeping policy is no longer an option in today’s electronic connected world.

How Much Will I Need To Pay?

iTimePlus is entirely FREE of any cost. You get the Calendar, Timesheet, and Shift Scheduler altogether free with no strings attached.

Who Are Our Customers?

With its features, the iTimePlus is a service businesses can use with any number of employees. In fact, our services can be used and are being used by the following industries:

  • Governmental organizations

  • Call centers and customer support

  • Education institutions

  • Retail services and shops

  • Restaurants and food delivery services

  • Healthcare

  • Logistics companies

  • Tech firms

  • Hospitality/entertainment companies

iTimePlus Is More Than a Calendar

(3 in 1 Package)

With iTimePlus, you get more than just the Timesheet. You also get the ability to Schedule Shifts with our Shift Scheduler and keep track of your employees’ availability and leave requests with the Calendar.

iTimePlus gives you 3 products that work seamlessly together into one package. It’s a simple and intuitive interface with easy access from anywhere in the world, which makes it ideal for use by any company of any industry.


iTimePlus - Free Team Calendar for Employees

Now that you know more about what the Timesheet in the iTimePlus can do for you, here is a little information about our free staff Calendar and how it completes the life cycle of your daily business operation.

Our Calendar free software has a simple, intuitive interface that In one glance you can check daily team availability, manage leave requests, and get an overview of your team schedule for the whole year based on color-coded tasks. These tasks can be vacations, holidays, partial leave, leave requests. We have a robust report engine that allows you to get the data you need in the format you need. For example, it allows you to save/print in Excel, PDF, CSV, and HTML format.


iTimePlus - Free Team Calendar for Employees

Our Free Shift Scheduler is another part of iTimePlus and is completely free. Using its intuitive dashboard, shift managers can easily plan Daily, Weekly, or Monthly shifts for all employees or specific teams

Our schedule maker offers real-time visual Gap calculations and Gap alerts with visual highlights and real-time validations against overlapping shifts. Managers can preview the team’s schedule for 2 days, 1 week, or 1 Month in 12 or 24 hrs format and limit preview to show only business hours by shrinking the team schedule.

No more guessing on which hours are not covered by my teams or how many resources I need to cover specific shifts.

We offer continual support

iTimePlus by Orapex is continuously updated with features based on our clients’ needs and requirements. So, YOU get to enjoy the simplicity of our Timesheet, Calendar and Shift Scheduling tool with free updates. The only thing you need is a web browser to access the service.

If you have any questions regarding iTimePlus or our consulting services, please feel free to contact us – We have a dedicated 24/7 customer service that will assist you promptly.

Please visit us @ to learn more about our services.

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