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Stuck in a SHIFT SCHEDULING nightmare?

Updated: Jun 29

We live in a world where a simple error in Shift scheduling can lead to major headaches. Stressed employees are running around trying to fulfill the demands of angry customers while you scramble through calculations and Excel sheets to figure out who can cover what, but nothing is going your way. Steve bailed out on you to sunbathe in the Bahamas. Nancy's newborn decided to pop out one month early. Nathan’s great great grand uncle died. As you pull the last graying hair off your head, you wish that you had the ability to predict the future so you could make sure all the shifts were securely covered. That way, you would never have to play the guessing game of "is my shift covered" and "who is the lucky one".

Well, Orapex has developed a tool that will help you do just that. We’ve come up with the product that will help keep you sane and even let you enjoy your time scheduling. It's called iTimePlus, a tool that will make your workload management feel like a breeze. iTimePlus consists of 3 products in 1: The free Team Calendar, Shift scheduling tool, and Timesheet, all backed up by 24/7 devoted customer support- free of any charge.

Why is the shift schedule by Orapex the solution you need?

We get dozens of messages from clients telling us they had to go through many tools and programs which all promised the same but failed to deliver. To help you recognize iTimePlus as the right tool for your business, we have comprised a case study of the situations most of our clients find themselves in:

CASE Study

One of our clients was having a hard time scheduling shifts for his team. He was using Google Calendar and had to create one calendar for each member. Every time someone called in sick or couldn’t make it to work that day, a gap was created and he needed to figure out a way to cover this gap manually. It was a nightmare to figure out who could cover what and what the impact of this small change would be.

Another challenge was giving his team access to the schedule without the ability to change the set schedule, which was not possible using Google Calendar.

SHIFT SCHEDULE to the rescue:

Our Free online Shift Schedule solved every problem in the case study with ease. With our schedule, the client could now:

  • Create team shifts with visual highlights and real time validations against overlapping Shifts.

  • ​View real time visual gap calculations and gap alerts that are included with each Shift Schedule.

  • Display heads up alert before reaching a critical limit.

  • Create, Edit, and Duplicate Shifts in one click.

  • Quickly view his team schedule for 2 days, 1 week, or 1 Month, in 12/24 hrs format.

  • Shrink his team schedule to only view business hours.

  • ​Send announcements to selected teams through email or during login.

He no longer has to guess which hours are not covered by his teams or how many resources he needs to cover certain Shifts.

Our shift scheduler will help you stop wasting precious time that could’ve been spent on running and improving your business.

Toolbar to create new, edit, and duplicate Shifts

Our Shift Schedule works seamlessly with both the Timesheet and Calendar. You can use the Calendar to check the availability of your employees and approve/deny leave requests in order to plan ahead when creating your shift schedule. You can use the Timesheet to make sure that each employee has been working their shifts on time and check for overtime hours.


With our Shift Schedule you can reduce your labor costs by optimizing your limited resources. The simple color-coded layout allows you to easily view overlaps in shifts so you can make sure to spread out your resources efficiently.

What about privacy?

Our Shift Schedule is customized to give you maximum control of who can see what. You can limit what the employees, the audit team, or your clients can access or see.

Clear communication

The Shift Schedule enables you to communicate with your teams and send them messages and reminders for upcoming events and holidays. You no longer have to juggle between numerous emails and communication apps only to lose track. The messages can be received as pop-up notifications once they login or through email.

Who Will Benefit?

Managers and company owners who want to avoid scheduling nightmares by being able to view gap calculations in real time, and create team shifts with real time validations. Employees or consultants who want to know what shifts to work and be able to make plans for the coming weeks/months that won't interfere with their work schedule. No matter how big or small your organization is, being well-organized and having a scheduling policy is no longer an option in today’s electronic connected world.

How Much Will I Need To Pay?

iTimePlus is entirely FREE of any cost. You get the Calendar, Timesheet, and Shift Scheduler altogether free with no strings attached.

Who Are Our Customers?

With its features, the iTimePlus is a service businesses can use with any number of employees. In fact, our services can be used and are being used by the following industries:

  • Governmental organizations

  • Call centers and customer support

  • Education institutions

  • Retail services and shops

  • Restaurants and food delivery services

  • Healthcare

  • Logistics companies

  • Tech firms

  • Hospitality/entertainment companies

iTimePlus Is More Than a Calendar

(3 in 1 Package)

With iTimePlus, you get more than just the Shift Scheduler. You also get the ability to Track Hours with our Timesheet and set up reminders, as well as export files like Excel, PDF, CSV, and HTML for your payroll needs. In addition, you can track / approve leave request and check your team availability using the Calendar.

iTimePlus gives you 3 products that work seamlessly together into one package. It’s a simple and intuitive interface with easy access from anywhere in the world, which makes it ideal for use by any company of any industry.

The Timesheet

Now that you know more about what the Shift Schedule in iTimePlus can do for you, here is a little information about our Free online Timesheet and how it completes the life cycle of your daily business operation.

Our Timesheet free software has a simple, intuitive interface that will allow you to track hours worked based on projects, tasks, and teams. You can set up reminders and assign the timekeeper feature. As a reliable reporting engine, you get a quick summary and a detailed report on all your employees’ activities. You can also export files like Excel, PDF, CSV, and HTML for your payroll needs.


Our free staff Calendar free software has a simple, intuitive interface that In one glance you can check daily team availability, manage leave request, and get an overview of your team schedule for the whole year based on color coded tasks. These tasks can be vacations, holidays, partial leave, leave requests. We have a robust report engine that allows you get the data you need in the format you need. For example, it allows you to save/print in Excel, PDF, CSV, and HTML format.

We offer continual support

Orapex, the company behind iTimePlus, prides itself on having highly skilled team-oriented people who are continuously improving their knowledge to serve your business. If you have any questions regarding iTimePlus or our consulting services, please feel free to contact us – We have a dedicated 24/7 customer service that will assist you promptly.

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